Cíle ARR o.s.

Association goals:

  • Contribution to environment protection
  • Contribution to development of regions, entrepreneurship and regional tourism
  • Contribution to support of small and medium entrepreneurship
  • Contribution to protection of social, cultural and national minorities
  • Development of cooperation among public administration, civil sector and business subjects
  • Development of cooperation between people and organisations from other side of state borders
  • Raise awareness about European Union and european values
  • Raise awareness about implementation of regional, structural and common agricultural policy in the EU
  • Contribution to effective use of opportunities and resources arising from european integration
  • Contribution to better expertise of employees in fishery and to raise awareness about Common fisheries policy of the EU
  • Development of educated society in order to strenghten competitiveness and employability in the Czech Republic and in the EU
  • Contribution of integration of socially excluded persons and persons, who could be very vulnerable

Organisation of educational, cultural and sport activities, lectures, trainings, discussions, producing leaflets, information materials and case studies will help the Association fulfill the aims. Another means in order to meet the goals could be creation of own projects, realization of cooperation between public bodies administration and civil associations with similar goals.